Solar Telecommunications Antigua

Digicel one of the most important mobile communications carriers and providers in the Caribbean, chose meeco along with their joint partner (PV Energy Limited) to install the first sun2com solar energy solution for telecoms in Antigua in 2016, to allow wireless telecoms from an user device and the remote nets such as the Caribbean islands, Digicel operates numerous telecom stations, also known as Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), all these stations used to operate with diesel. With the goal to avoid using fossil fuel generators, that are harmful for the environment and with high maintenance costs, Digicel has invested in two 5kWp sun2com Solar Power Solution, implemented by PV Energy. They have been installed in St. John’s, Antigua each one of thessun2com installations, includes 20 poli-crystalline (FV) modules, that generate at least 7,61MWh of electricity per year, and thus allow to save over 4 tons of CO2 emissions per year. By providing clean and reliable energy to the repeating station, sun2com reduces the risk of energy shortage supplies and secures a better independence from fossil based fuels and the high operating costs for Digicel.