Seasons Food

Photovoltaic installation over the roofs in Pakistan

Since 2014, the sun2roof solar system, designed and installed by meeco optimizes the efficiency of the well-known Pakistan food company ‘Seasons Food’, an agreement between the meat processing company and local member meeco, Oursun Solar Power Limited, stipulates the development, installation, operation, and maintenance of the 500 kWp sun2live solution from meeco. Seasons Food buys clean electricity, generated at a fixed rate, and secures a supply of sustainable and reliable energy, without interruptions, something that is essential to process food, also Seasons Food gets benefited by the stable electricity costs, which are predictable and at lower prices than the traditional power grid, meeco has installed European grade A, photovoltaic modules and inverters and a substructure montage. These were especially custom made and designed in accord with the national standards inside the installation and with the customers.