Solar Energy for water treatment

Intelligent Energy at Jumby Bay Island

Jumby Bay is a small Caribbean Island north of Antigua that was in need of well thought energy solutions. For the ‘Pure Turquoise’ residential area, meeco through their joint partner (PV Energy Limited) in 2016 has developed and designed an intelligent energy solution. Made out of different parts that connect between each other. Allowing the owner to self sufficiently cover the energy and potable water demand. The 51 kWp sun2live ground based energy solution, supplies a sun2water water treatment plant, which purifies water through the physical process of inverse osmosis. Through a semi-permeable membrane, the ions, molecules, and bigger particles are eliminated from the potable water. Applying external pressure to reduce the natural water flow and force the liquid through the membrane, allowing it to eliminate the contaminating agents from the potable water. Also, the surplus of generated energy is stored in the batteries inside the sun2safe management system, which guarantees an efficient energy control and consumption.