Solar Shed (Photovoltaic Canopy)

Hybrid energy system in Ireland

In 2016 meeco built a highly customized solar shed in a private property located in Cork, southern Ireland. The 14-meter wide and 6-meter tall substructure was equipped with 40 poli-crystalline photovoltaic modules in order to provide a clean energy solution to the main house and the guest house. This shed, designed and installed by Meeco in 2016, protects the solar panel and animal wiring, allowing the owner an additional storage space unit under the structure. This installation combines two components: A 10 kWp sun2live solar generation unit and the energy management and storage system sun2safe. The sun2safe batteries can be charged through the sun2live solar system or through the electric grid during cloudy days. This custom-made hybrid solution, guarantees a stable and reliable energy supply.